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Program Activities

Prevention : A nationwide campaign through the use of the massmedia and all other means towards the prevention of cerebral palsy.

Counselling : Providing parents of children and adult with cerebral palsy useful information, advice and counselling pertaining to treatment, educational and vocational options and programs.

Parent training : Training for parents with cerebral palsied children to support in-home programs, especially for infants and young children. Through early intervention and developmental stimulation, parents are able to provide their children with the best start in life.

Training of Volunteer Workers : Training of professional volunteer workers in order to meet the need for treatment and education of people with cerebral palsy.

Rural outreach treatment Teams : Organization of medical and social development outreach teams including a team of specialist advisors in special education to work in all rural areas where needs have been identified.

Fund Rasing : To conduct a fund raising campaign in order to meet the financial cost of the Society's programs and activities.

Operation of the cerebral palsy center : A 5-year contract from Seoul (Capital city of South Korea) government provides many direct services to people with cerebral palsied, such as medical rehabilitation, special education, vocational rehabilitation, psycho-social rehabilitaion, special sports and others.